Waylens Horizon Downloads

These links are provided as a courtesy to our customers in case of the loss of the original copy, or to update their current video or GPS playback software with newest version, to improve performance or address usage problems.  

Waylens Studio

Current version: 1.3.8
Updated: Dec 06, 2017
Release notes:
Waylens is pleased to release Waylens Studio version 1.3.8 with the following enhancements:

  • Additional export resolution options with the data overlay
  • Option to change file name during export

Download Waylens Studio for Windows
Download Waylens Studio for MacOS

Waylens Horizon App

Release notes:
Option to mute audio during preview, upload or download of videos
Multiple color scheme options for gauge styles
Automatic syncing of track data to camera
New analysis feature for LapTimer videos recorded on tracks

Download Verison 1.4.8 on iTunes
Download version 1.3.1 on Google Play

Waylens Horizon App

Version: 1.7.09
BSP Version: 1.430.79.176.482
Updated: Nov 10, 2017
Release notes:
Waylens is pleased to release Horizon firmware version 1.7.09 with the following enhancements:
Ability to ignore specific DTC codes and later restore those same codes
Support of 1080p24 video format
Fix a timing issue during the 1/4 mile test

Download for V0C
Download for V0D

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