Are there different kinds of dashcams?

Yes, there are several types of dashcams, and while they come in all shapes and sizes, they may be classified into a few distinct categories (click on any category link below to open a new browser window to that category of dashcam):

Single-lens dashcams are the most basic type of dashcam. These record from a single camera lens, like a normal camcorder. Typically people mount these dashcams in their front windshield in order to record what is happening in front of the car.

Multiple-lens dashcams are a bit more complex. These dashcams can record from more than one camera lens at a time. Typically they utilize one forward-facing lens to record what is happening in front of the vehicle, and one inside-facing lens to record what is happening inside the vehicle. These are particularly useful for fleet or commercial vehicles where typically the driver of the vehicle is not the owner of the vehicle.

There are also multiple-lens dashcams such as the BlackVue DR750-2CH that record in front of the vehicle like a single-lens model, but also use the input from a smaller remote camera (a camera mounted in the back of the vehicle - on the rear windshield) to record what is happening behind the vehicle (or pointed inside the vehicle) as well.

Rear-view mirror style dashcams: like the KDLINKS R100; are a special type of dashcam. These clip securely to the back of your existing rear-view mirror, and provide video from a small forward-facing lens. This style of dashcam is great for those wanting a less-conspicuous solution.

Action-cam style dashcams: like the Waylens Horizon; are a bit different than the traditional dashcam, these are used by those desiring a battery-powered or waterproof dash cam. In most cases, these don't need to be connected to a constant power source which is unlike most traditional dash cams. Some of these models can be mounted outside of the vehicle, no matter the conditions, and can even be set to perform loop-recording like a typical dashcam.

Professional dashcams like the AVIC View-i HD; are commercial-grade models designed for business use (fleet vehicles, taxis/Uber/Lyft drivers, delivery trucks, etc) or other commercial, municipal or government purposes. These high-reliability units are also desirable to those individuals seeking the added peace of mind that comes from using a professional-level device in their own vehicle.

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