Where do dashcams get their power?

All dashcams come with a power cord that plugs into the 12v cigarette lighter outlet in your car. Plug this cord in, and you are up and running! This cord is usually quite long, long enough to tuck behind and route around the interior panels of your vehicle (on the way to the power outlet) so it will not be visible to the driver or passengers.

Optionally, you or your local car audio shop can easily install or "hard-wire" the dashcam by tapping into your vehicle's 12v power circuit. This provides a complete professional installation and frees up your power outlet for your cell phone charger or other electronic device. We sell our own patented installation kits that include simple instructions for quickly plugging in to your car's fuse box. Check out our dash cam accessories page for more information.

Furthermore, typically dashcams include a small built-in battery. This battery isn't meant to power the camera for long periods of time, but is there in case power from the car is severed during an accident. The internal battery ensures the camera will keep recording even after a major accident.

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