Are they legal to use?

Generally, yes. In the United States, using a dashboard camera to record video on public roads is legal in almost all cases. The law allows one to record video as long as you are not infringing on another's privacy. However, anything done in public is not protected by privacy laws; there is no expectation of privacy in public. Therefore, recording pictures/video in public is a First Amendment protected right so long as you do not violate other laws (for example: stopping in the middle of traffic to record the arrest of an individual, or otherwise interfering with a traffic, police, or rescue operation).*

The laws for recording *audio* however are different. Because oral communication laws vary by locale, we recommend notifying your passengers that audio recording is taking place, or simply disabling the microphone on your dashcam. It is also our recommendation to always inform any police or government official that they are being recorded if you believe your dashcam is recording them (either video or audio).

Please see the following articles for further information:

For countries other than the United States, please refer to your local laws.

* The DashCam Store does not offer this advice as legal council  

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