BlackVue DR650S-2CH Installed in a 2017 Subaru Forrester

2017 Subaru Forester Touring sedan with Eyesight® Driver Assist Technology complete BlackVue DR650S-2CH and WiFi Hotspot dashcam installation. The front camera fits almost completely in front of the rear-view mirror, so it does not block the driver's forward-looking line of sight. The front camera fits perfectly between the two Subaru Eyesight® Driver Assist System sensors, and placement in this location does not interfere with the system's safe operation at all.

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Note: Some Subarus do use a third imaging sensor that is located in the center of the windshield, where you see the BlackVue front-facing dashcam mounted currently. For vehicles that use this third sensor, the front camera of the BlackVue DR650S-2CH system would need to be mounted to either side of this center sensor, or on either side of the original two sensors higher up in the windshield.

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