BlackVue Dashcam Installation

In this demonstration video, we explain the complete process of installing one of BlackVue's DR650GW-2CH dual lens (front and back) dashcams and a Power Magic Pro (BlackVue's battery discharge prevention module) in a 2015 Chevrolet Suburban.

In the video, our technician touches on the following subjects (Clicking on the time will open the video to the specific point in the video):

  • 00:15 - Planning the installation: locating the fuse box, front and rear camera and Power Magic Pro placement considerations
  • 01:20 - Explaining the Power Magic Pro: dip switch settings and override switch functionality
  • 01:55 - Identifying 'switched' and 'constant' fuses in the fuse box: using a test light to know where to tie in
  • 03:00 - Explaining the Power Magic Pro wire harness and installing our free fuse taps (Micro2 version)
  • 06:17 - Explaining ground wire location: ensuring contact with a bare metal surface on the body of the car or truck
  • 06:44 - Attaching and testing the Power Magic Pro: mounting the box and a first test of the wiring
  • 08:03 - Installing the front camera of the DR650GW-2CH: attaching the adhesive pad to the front windshield
  • 09:04 - Running the power cable from the front camera to the Power Magic Pro: hiding the wiring in the headliner and A-pillar
  • 11:53 - Running the coaxial cable from the front camera to the rear camera: running the cable through the interior to the rear
  • 13:19 - Installing the rear camera of the DR650GW-2CH: attaching the adhesive pad to the rear tailgate glass
  • 14:26 - Running coaxial cable through conduit to tailgate: dashcam installation zip tie trick Pro Tip!
  • 16:38 - Testing the installation: ensuring the BlackVue turns on and starts recording as expected
  • 17:40 - Completed installation photos showing the system all buttoned up and ready for use

For More Information on the products seen in the video:

In case you're not familiar with the BlackVue products, feel free to view our model introduction and overview video which goes over not only the DR650GW-2CH, but also the DR3500-FHD, DR650GW-1CH, DR650GW-2CH-Truck, and the DR750LW-2CH as well:

We also have two more videos, the first of which goes over the use of the BlackVue Cloud smartphone app that is available for both Apple and Android devices, which allows you to configure the BlackVue DR650 and view the live camera feed from the local WiFi hotspot. In the second and final video, we demonstrate the brand new BlackVue-Over-the-Cloud real-time remote viewing and downloading capabilities:

Thanks for watching, and as always, drive safe!

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